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Villa Ralfa, Gay, Lesbian, LGBT Accommodations Guesthouse and bed and breakfast, Crete, Greece
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Villa Ralfa, Gay, Lesbian, LGBT Accommodations Guesthouse and bed and breakfast, Crete, Greece



For Friends of Dorothy, Villa Ralfa, the original LGBT information site for bars, beaches, and
accommodation, welcomes independent gay and lesbian travel lers to Crete, Greece


Gay Crete

As you would expect you will find Villa Ralfa listed on many gay information and directory sites, as well as the social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Google +, and LinkedIn.

We also have a rather erratic blog the feed from which appears below. We also publish occasional articles for free publication and if you run a news or other LGBT web site and would like us to write an article for you then send us an email!

We also have a list of gay friendly bars, restaurants, and other places of interest that we give to our guests, mainly to save you time trying to find the best places to go during your all too limited time on Crete.
Some more About Us...

The owner is originally from the heart of Sussex in the south of England, a child of the post war years when village life was as portrayed by Agatha Christie in the Miss Marple stories, and you could leave your front door open for days and never get burgled.

In 1969 he moved to Newhaven, Sussex which was his first experience of town life. For the next few years he spent time getting ‘educated’ in Stafford and elsewhere. Later, working for a local electrical company he was lucky enough to travel behind the Iron Curtain, around Europe, and the UK.

In 1977 he moved into Brighton where he lived until late 1981 when he left to travel to New Zealand stopping on the way in Perth, Western Australia where he accidentally spent the next five years, collected a partner, two Siamese cats, and a lot of friends. During his stay there he travelled extensively in WA, with some trips to the Eastern states. Basically deported in 1986 because the Australian government didn’t know a good thing when they saw it, he returned to Brighton via New Zealand.

Returning to Brighton, with partner, was a bit of a wrench, but he did get a chance to be in on the proliferation of gay bars and clubs that opened in the late 80’s, there was only one when he left, The Bulldog’. Getting back into the swing of work in England took a while and after 10 years and a lot more travelling he went self employed and opened a very classy sandwich bar in Brighton. After six years of that and having made more than enough sandwiches for one lifetime, and not a lot of money he decided to go back to engineering and do some agency work. This seemed a good idea a the time but the agencies only ever gave me catering work, and I ended up wasting quite a lot of time at Police Headquarters in Sussex. As the ‘sandwich boy’, I got to know every single security door lock code in the entire complex.....

In 2001 he took two holidays on Crete, six months apart..... A year later he came back to Crete and realised that since 1969 when he came on a school trip to Greece, he had been in love with Greece. After a couple more holidays he and partner decided they had had enough of packing suitcases and made the big move to Crete in February 2004. That’s the way it goes, you either fall in love with a Greek, or you fall in love with Greece!

Having got a house that had more bedrooms than they could possibly use the idea of Villa Ralfa was born. In April 2005 his partner died but Villa Ralfa continues..

In 2010 he travelled back to Australia to go to places he had never been before, and to see old friends. In 2011 he travelled to South America taking in Peru, Chile, a bit of Argentina, and Rio de Janeiro. Last winter his travels took him to Barcelona and Gran Canaria.